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Cooking Glossary – This s a link to cooking terms.

I have arranged this website into several modules. Each module contains lessons (as individual posts) that are meant to be followed in order as they build on each other.

I am not a chef, but I am determined to cook like one. It’s all about the journey and not the destination.

I would love to hear about your cooking and learning adventures. I am happy to include link backs to your website if it stays on topic and helpful to my viewing audience.

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It was not long ago that dinner at my house consisted of “box cooking”. Hamburger helper and frozen, prepared meals used to be the common dinner theme. Eventually I became more adventurous and started preparing meals from scratch. Unfortunately, many of these “adventures” ended with the inside of a trash can. Chinese takeout and pizza delivery were my lifesavers in those days.

It was very easy to blame my failures on poorly written recipes. Sometimes I got lucky and would be surprised by a successful dish. As I continued my culinary journey, I realized my failures were not the recipe’s fault. They were a combination of ignorance of basic cooking techniques and not using the proper cookware.

I am still learning and some of my dishes may still be destined for the trash can rather than my table but the fun is in the journey. Join me in my exploration of the culinary world.